Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is PTC?

PTC is pay to click program. By this u can earn money by click the ads and watching it for 30 seconds.

How can i earn from PTC sites?
There are thousands of PTC sites are there over the internet. So u need to pick some right ones to get paid. U can find the legit PTC sites by reading reviews on the publlic forum about best PTC sites as I said in my last post.
Pick a legit site and join there by simple signup and get paid through Paypal or Alertpay.

* After joined the sites some ads will be available for u to click click on the ads and wait for some time to load and get credited. Usually u will earn a minimum of $0.01 per click. U can click four ads per day. so ur income will be 4 x 0.01=0.04
* U may wonder that 0.04 is very low how to make a big money. Yes ofcourse its very but the real money will come from your refferals. Every time your refferals click on the ad u will gain 50% or 100% of the money from your refferals.
* you may think its hard to reffer others. U have an other option to rent refferals or buy referalls from the ptc sites.

How much can i earn?
Basically u will gt $0.01 for one click.
u will get $0.005 or $0.01 for ur refferal clicks.
There will be some difference between premium members and standard members.

What will be ur earnings if u have more referals?
Just check out this chart

1. you click 10 ads per day = $ 0.10
2.100 referals click 4 ads a day =$ 4.00
3. ur daily income = $ 4.10
4. ur monthly income =$ 123

$123 is a big money for 30 minutes a day.
U can receive ur money through paypal or alertpay.
Its just an example with 100 refferals there are people working with 5000- 10000 refferals with the monthly income of more than $3000. But it is not easy to reffer 5000 people. But they did that because of their patience over ptc sites. u cant make those big money in a single day. U should have to take it as a part time and after 6 months or so depends on ur refferal growth that will be a primary income for ur home. So be patient on PTC sites and earn huge money.

There are plenty of legit PTC sites over the internet. But I can recommend u one site with very proffessional with millions of people making money is NEOBUX.

We will see about Neobux features on next post.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make Money Online Free and Easy - It is possible?

Earn Money Online Free and Easy

Is it possible to make money online free and easy? The answer is yes, you have to be very patient and to pick a right program to earn money. becoz there are millions of make money online scams are here. So you need to be very carefull on picking a real one.

How to find a Legit program?

1.One of the best ways to investigate a company is to join forums and ask people there for their advice. Many times you will find a lot of people who have experience with certain programs and they will be able to tell you whether or not they are legit. Don't just take one person's opinions though. Really ask around and take a culmination of everyone's thoughts on the business.

2.The best thing to keep in mind when searching for legit online businesses is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful with any company that is promising riches over night without having to do hardly any work. There is just no way to make money without some form of work; otherwise we'd all be rich!

I will post the best free money making programs in upcoming posts.